First Short Movie: Arya Watching Sport

 With the little time I have between "real job", manga, novels, and family, I'm learning to use Unreal Engine. I was working on UE4, and still will for the Nizu manga, but I moved to UE5 for everything else, that includes cinematics.

I starting working on a model for my character "Arya Wright" from the novel "¡No sé de cuál enamorarme!". So, I made the short with her, and by the end, you can see another model that is supposed to be "Lily Scott" from the same novel.

Here is the Short:

As you saw, it's just 32 seconds. I animated everything by hand. There were not script, as it was intended as a learning curve.

I will create more shorts, but from now on, I will intend to recreate scenes from my novels, especially the one from the short, since is the closest I've written to everyday life.

Thanks for watching and for your support!

Leen iO

A little behind the scene: